With deep roots in tourism and hospitality, the travel industry is in our DNA. MA has marketed everything from five-star resorts to major airlines to Arizona itself.


The Arizona Office of Tourism’s (AOT) marketing efforts have endured a number of challenges in recent years, including an economic recession and reduced marketing budgets.

These issues created a strong need to develop an advertising campaign that transcended the economic conditions and a limited budget, while still connecting to the target audience on a deeper, timeless level. Backed by the extensive research and focus group testing conducted by AOT, the “In One Word – Arizona” campaign was born.

With a strategic shift of getting “back to basics,” this campaign primarily featured Arizona’s unique signature scenery. Due to budget limitations, the strategy was to shift away from national media and focus on the top two target markets (Chicago and Los Angeles), which were determined to have the most opportunity for immediate lead generation and campaign effectiveness. These key markets were chosen through a target cities analysis across 30 possible markets.


Measureable marketing objectives within the five-month period of this campaign included:

  1. Generating incoming phone calls.
  2. Driving qualified traffic to AOT’s consumer website,
  3. Encouraging downloads and orders of the Arizona Official State Visitor’s Guide from AOT’s consumer site.

As a result of the “In One Word- Arizona” campaign:

  1. Call volume increased in the two target cities, 70% in Chicago and 83% in Los Angeles.
  2. Website traffic increased 6% to AOT’s consumer website, Visits from Chicago increased by 30%, while visits from Los Angeles increased by 12.6%.
  3. There were more than 75,000 web inquires within the five-month period of the campaign.

In addition to the traditional and online advertising efforts, spot cable was an integral part of the campaign, helping to create brand awareness and push traffic to the Video on Demand (VOD) target segments. The campaign delivered more than 14.8 million impressions across the duration of the flight through 30-second spots, generating more than 11,000 viewers. It also generated more than 400 hours of brand interaction across the two target markets.

Results for the “In One Word – Arizona” advertising campaign were positive. It reached the agency’s target audience, generated recall and influenced travel to Arizona. “In a word,” this campaign turned out to be a “huge success.” Wait. That’s two words.