Who was the Super Bowl ad MVP – And who was advertising’s Pete Carroll?

Celebrity filled Super Bowl spots don’t guarantee success. With big names like Neeson, Bridges, Cranston, Damon, offer man, Buscemi, Handler and Silverman, you’d think the Super Bowl spots were all winners. You couldn’t be more misdirected than a 1985 Bruce Jenner Wheaties box. This year’s crop of Super Bowl spots had a more serious tone [...]

America the Busyful

Why has “busy” become most people’s answer to “How are you?” Having a lot going on doesn’t automatically mean you’re  succeeding. One of my favorite John Wooden quotes is “Don’t mistake activity with achievement.” I feel that the creative process needs time to breathe and we need to tinker with ideas. Too often we’re going [...]

My Top Ten Christmas Albums

10. Take 6: We Wish You A Merry Christmas 9. She & Him: A Very She & Him Christmas 8. James Brown’s Funky Christmas 7. Diana Krall: Christmas Songs 6. Nat King Cole: The Christmas Song 5. Chicago: What’s It Gonna Be Santa? 4. Relient K: Let It Reindeer 3. Ella Fitzgerald: A Swinging Christmas [...]