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Pssst…wanna buy the Clippers?

Skechers is considering buying an interest in the LA Clippers. This news made me investigate the Skechers brand. Their brand promise on their site is, “Skechers makes an effort to maintain a trendy and stylish brand image by using celebrity-driven advertising.”

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Portland Trailblazers

A quick check of some of the celebs turn out an impressive list:
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Black Eyed Peas
Robert Downey Jr
Rob Lowe
Matt Dillon
Kim Kardasian
Brook Burke
Joe Montana
Karl Malone
Tommy Lasorda

The only thing Lasorda and Brandy have in common is when Tommy burns wine in a frying pan while making meatballs. And Karl Malone and Fergie could not get six degrees to Kevin Bacon if Malone named one of his farm hogs Ren McCormack. With the LA Clippers recent issues, I don’t know if a celebrity-driven brand like Skechers can risk Instagrams of Penny Marshall and Billy Crystal with sporting velcro shape-ups.

We’ve added a few new members to the band.


We’ve hit the ground running this year, busy with numerous major campaigns for various clients, clients that have been valued members of our family for years.

And it also is a time of growth. We start 2014 as the new agency for Valley Metro, a new chapter for us and a chance to help improve urban transportation and life in our communities.

We’re busy helping Las Vegas-based Ultimate Gaming with a multi-million dollar launch during Super Bowl weekend in New Jersey.


We now work with the Grand Canyon Association, helping to tell the world about the great work being done at this historical and natural treasure. Look for more soon as we help save an endangered historic gem at the canyon.


Moses designed a special guitar for The GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles to help celebrate the museum’s fifth birthday. We then helped the museum attract attention from football fans in town for the Rose Bowl, and we’ll help the museum this spring with a major exhibit.


We’ve added some creative souls to our team, promoted a few key players, and we’re about to land another significant new client.

You’ll be hearing more about each of these in the coming weeks and months. You see, while our past is rich with accomplishments, we have many stories left to tell. We firmly believe that our best work is still ahead.

The Rose Bowl came early to Moses.


Kickoff is tomorrow, but we were in the bowl mood weeks ago, designing posters and web banners to help connect the Rose Bowl with The GRAMMY Museum. We combined images of John Mayer and John Fogarty with headlines such as “Go from fight songs to favorite songs” to help promote the museum to fans in town for the 100th Rose Bowl game.


We have been doing work for the GRAMMY Museum since 2010. Our first project was launching the Girl Rock Nation website for Fender guitars at the museum. Since then, we designed a special guitar this fall for the museum’s fifth birthday. We’ve also created work for exhibits featuring Bob Marley, Roy Orbison, Hip Hop and, my personal favorite, John Lennon. When we were given the Lennon Songwriter project, we were told we would have to get all creative approved by Yoko Ono, but we would only have a “few minutes with Yoko.”


Now as a lifelong Beatles fan, this posed quite a quandary. A few minutes with Yoko, how do I use them properly?

Should I ask her how she feels about being blamed for the break-up? Should I ask her which Beatle smelled the best? Did Ringo get paid the same amount as the other three? Or should I just get right to the point and ask, “What crazy potion did you make John drink to make him think you had talent?” Yeah, I said it … in my head.


When I got to the museum that day to present the Lennon creative, it was a madhouse. Yoko was doing press interviews to promote the Lennon exhibit in one of the private conference rooms and we didn’t know when she would have time to look at the concepts. The nice people at the GRAMMY Museum were trying so hard to get me in front of her but were totally powerless. I assured them I’d be patient, and I went to a far corner of the second floor and found a bench and outlet in the wall to charge my phone. The second floor is filled with Lennon memorabilia. Original lyrics, guitars, costumes and photos surrounded me. Right above my head were the handwritten lyrics to “Beautiful Boy” with one of my fav Lennon lyrics: “Take my hand. Life is what happens to you, while you’re busy making other plans.” I stared at those words, written in Lennon’s own scribble, and choked up.

Peace and love was what the Beatles were all about so when I meet Yoko, I should do it in the spirit of John. So with peace in my heart, I collected my things and went back down to the first floor. My GRAMMY friends ran to me and said, “Oh there you are. We want you to meet someone.”

This is it, the moment of truth. I needed to find my inner peace and embrace what John loved in Yoko. I can do it. I. Can. Do. It.

“Louie Moses, meet Joe Herbsman, Yoko’s attorney…” Yoko had left the building.

GrammyMuseum_Lennon Poster

I love lists.

I love lists. I especially love lists that I’m on.

The reason we all love lists is because it simplifies things. We all have information overload and a good list truncates an idea, and gives us order. Another reason we love lists is it gives us an instant opportunity to disagree. And we love that more than agreeing. Italian Philosopher Umberto Eco says, “The list is the origin of culture. It’s part of the history of art. It creates order. And how, as human beings, does one face infinity? Through lists. We like lists because we don’t want to die.”

Wait, what? Face infinity? Die? I just want to see a list of the best rock guitar solos.

Some lists are based on facts but the ones that cause the most trouble are the ones that say “best” or “favorite”. No coincidence, those are my favorite, especially if they mention me. This list, published this month by Adweek, is my new favorite, because it calls my agency “Top Shop”.


We have been on the top of lists before.
Best Ad Agency.
Favorite Ad Agency.
Largest Ad Agency.
Best Creative Agency.
Agencies to Watch.

But it’s the company you keep that makes the Adweek selection so humbling. Being in the small group of agencies like Wieden + Kennedy, Chiat/Day and Crispin Porter Bogusky makes me proud. And the fact that the methodology was a combination of notable clients, legacy and reputation makes it all the more sweeter. The article declares: “Every state has “that agency”. The one you can’t help but admire, or envy. The one where you’d like to work – or if you’re lucky enough, where you do work. The one that’s hard to beat. The one that critics moan is overrated. The one that, for the most part, just gets it right.”

So much for Eco’s theory that I love lists because I don’t want to die. After reading that praise, I can die happy. Of course, I still don’t get why Terry Kath isn’t listed as one of the greatest rock guitarist of all time…

Ask Wolf!

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm all interactive and shit. Yeah, that's what they say. Let me prove it.

Last Monday evening, I was on my MacBook Air (thin and light, yet rock solid) and every site I was on, delivered the same annoying ad to me: ASK WOLF! With Blitzer's smug mug promoting the Situation Room on CNN. I couldn't get away from him so, because I'm all interactive and shit, I (dramatic music) clicked on the ad to ask Wolf a question. Much like Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut, I had no idea what was about to happen.

After a few clicks to actually get to the point to "Ask Wolf", the site offered me three ways. Upload a video,Tweet to @wolfblitzer or post a question on the Situation Room's page.

So first I composed my question. Knowing Blitzer is the senior political anchor who's interviewed world leaders, I needed a really pertinent question. "Where'd ya get those cool glasses?" wasn't gonna cut it. So I went with the world leader/pop culture category and asked, "Between Nelson Mandela and Lady Gaga, who smelled better? I know, it's what we all want to know, you're welcome.

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