Squeeballs Party is a family-friendly video game. It all started with furry little creatures created on a secret island somewhere in the Pacific … Soon, the “Squeeballs” were grabbing national attention as a new family-friendly game for the Wii.

Our PR team was turning eyes as well. We sent the game out to more than 100 of the top video game reviewers around the country, but we did it MA style. So in keeping with the theme of the game, we sent a dozen of the Squeeballs plushies, a review copy of the game and an electronic media kit – in two-foot shipping crates that looked as if they just cleared customs.

Multiple reviewers posted photos and blogs applauding the concept, with one saying it was “the coolest thing I’ve ever received.” National press soon followed, from the San Jose Mercury News and the Dallas Morning News to the Washington Post, CNBC and Forbes.


Websites with a combined reach of 46 million impressions reviewed the game. Squeeballs ads ran in select theaters around the country. We also created Facebook and Twitter accounts, and shot viral videos of Squeeballs scampering around Santa Monica and Las Vegas – and each viral video soon had about 30,000 views.

And for our client, sales were strong and the game enjoyed a nice push leading into the critical holiday shopping season.