“Games you can’t play with your butt.” Millions of YouTube views and crap tons of games sold.


With the 2008 holiday season looming and the global economy dipping toward peril, the gaming wizards at Ubisoft came to us with a couple questions. One, was it possible to take a much-loved video game title like Rayman Raving Rabbids and give it new life? And two, could we perform brand CPR without spending big bucks?

These challenges were at the heart of MA’s TV and Web spots for the game Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party – along with the party game’s newest twist, which gave our creative its core concept. Ubisoft’s new creation worked in the Wii Balance Board, and it truly was “a game you can play with your butt.”

Think about all the games you can’t play with your butt. Like chess, charades, telephone. And don’t even think about going to an archery range. With this in mind, we created a series of 30-second TV spots and viral Web videos that highlighted TV Party’s 50 butt-worthy mini-games. With a media buy that included national cable TV and a week-long stint as YouTube’s “feature video of the day,” we then set out to get people off their, uh…ah, you know.


The videos garnered more than 8 million YouTube views. The “Telephone” video alone topped 3 million views; “Charades” added another 1.5 million views, as did “Archery.” The viral marketing push together with the TV spots helped TV Party quickly sell about 600,000 units.

The campaign also received recognition in Adweek. As they put it, “If we must have mentions of the ‘butt’ in commercials – and the ad industry has plainly answered ‘yes’ to that question – then we must hope for commercials in which the mentions have some panache. We get that here.”